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  • Image of SIB Rental - "Blossom"
  • Image of SIB Rental - "Blossom"

SIB Rental - "Blossom"




Rent "Blossom" our Stand In Baby. Take a week to perfect your lighting and posing transitions before welcoming a model into the studio. Sometimes utilizing the doll for memorization skills (think like flash cards) helps. When you bring a newborn into the studio a lot of times your mind is in 5 places at once and remembering small details such as which foot goes where brings a small feat to the table. You can also learn exactly where to position your bumps by utilizing the doll. *RETURN SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED AND IS THE RENTER'S RESPONSIBILITY*

*RENTAL DURATION IS 7 DAYS* Renter is responsible for shipping on Day 8.

*COST COVERS 1 week of rental and initial shipping to you.